3 movies with best poker tricks in Gclub

3 movies with best poker tricks in Gclub

Poker is one of the most fantasied game in that we see in the Gclub. Not only it is interesting but if you are fortunate you might become rich. One of the major reason people fantasize about poker is because it is all over the movies. Everyone can remember at least one movie in which hero is very good at poker or he is losing the game miserably and finally he wins the last game. Not only these movies are great source of information if you want to learn poker but also they are influencing people all over the world. These movies are great source of motivation for beginners and people who are trying to learn and get demotivated very easily. Here are some of the movies that you need to see if you play poker or you are learning poker.


This is one of the most under-rated movies, not only the acting is great but the story line is very detailed. If you are interested in learning poker from mathematics prospective, this might be the best movie for you. The story is so strong that the viewer is all invested in the movie regardless of time, with the realistic acting and perfect story it the best you can find. If you are a good poker player or you love watching poker tricks this might become your favorite movie.

Casino royal

If you are a bond fan you must have already heard of casino royal, it is the best of bond series so far. With the perfect acting skills poker and bond look like made for each other. With the license to kill, bond gets on the mission to stop the finances for a terrorist group, with his bond girl. There is something mysterious about poker and bond that makes this movie worth watching. With the perfect timing of playing the poker tricks this movie explain the psychological expect of poker. The importance of poker face and bluff is very evident. One of the most iconic dialogues include “in poker you never play the hand, you play the man across from you.” This dialogue explains the psychological aspect perfectly when it comes to poker.

High Roller: the Stu Ungar story

If you want to know about the legend of poker Stu, commonly known as “the kid” this will be best for you. With the perfect story line and considering the biographic feature, movie has it all about the ups and downs in the life of the Stu. This will help you to understand the fact that even the best players have their bad days.