3 tips to play better poker for beginners at Gclub

3 tips to play better poker for beginners at Gclub

Poker is one of the most famous games in Gclub and the whole world, whenever you think about being 21 or going to Los Vegas you know what you are into. Not only it is one of the most talked about game but also it is the most showed game in the movies. There is always a movie with the hero losing poker and then wining at the end, becoming billionaire. This may sounds easy but in reality not only poker is difficult to master but also most of the time people lose. So, in a nutshell this game is easy to learn hard to master. If you are interested in learning about the tricks to win the poker be ready with your poker face because we are ready to teach you some tips and tricks that will make you as good as the James bond in casino royal.


Before pulling up your best poker face you need to know why you are playing poker, is it for fun or you really want to win. Mostly, people play for fun but what’s the purpose of spending money if you are thinking of losing just for fun. Once you know you are in this to win give your best effort. Poker is not like football or cricket you can learn or unlearn, there is no strong or weak player in it, it’s about psychology and fate together.

One step at a time

Most of the time people think it’s good to “go big or go home” but it is very important to know you are risking things. A good poker player does not ever get emotional, or as the James bond says “you don’t play the game, you play the man across the table.” Most of the time when people win they become over-confident; they think they have suddenly become good at poker so, they go all in. it is very important to be confident but it is even more important to avoid over confidence. Similarly, if you lose don’t under estimate yourself. Assess every individual session differently, this will help you to learn from every round.

Best hand trick

More than luck mathematics plays an important role, in case you have studies probability in math, there is a likely chance you can apply and win. If you enter with your best hand more often than your opponent player there is a likely chance that you can win more time. All these are basic things for beginners but they are helpful and keep you motivated.