California Kings in GClub

California Kings in GClub

The California Kings is quite similar to Fugar in the GClub, but it has some variations. The game is appropriate to be played by adults. The cards are spread down while their face is down around a large cup. In the game, drink refers to a normal sip of alcohol. The cards are drawn in a clockwise order.

The ace card is the social card, in which the person who draws the card proposes a toast to everyone in the group and each of the group member drinks. The numbers from 2 till 6 with black clubs and spades allow one to take the value of the card according to the number and one has to drink accordingly. For the red, 2 till 6 numbers which are hearts and diamonds one has to give the value of cards and then the individual offers drink to other people in the group.

It can be either one person who takes up all the drinks or the individual who drew the card can choose to split it among the multiple players in the group. The card 7 is the waterfall, where it is necessary for everyone in the group to Chug. No one can stop until the individual sitting to the right side stops. The one who draws the card is the one who stops at first and then the process goes on.

The number 8 is the thumb master and he/she is the one who puts the thumb on the table and the last person in the group to do so, drinks. Rhyming is done when one draws a card with number 9. The individual who draws the card, says a sentence and the one at the left of that person has to rhyme the last word of the sentence. The process continues in a clockwise direction and one has to rhyme the last word in the sentence.

The rhyming words are not repeated at any point and in case a player repeats a word or cannot think of a rhyming word, he has to drink. The card number 10 is for category and the person who draws the card, selects a category, for instance, birds and the other ones in the group say Sparrow, parrot, crow etc. one by one. For the Jacks card, the men drink and it can also be a toast just like for the Queen’s card where the ladies drink.