In 1998, when the internet started changing the lives of everyone. It is no wonder that games are started playing on online internet basis. And first online gambling site launched that time.

Online casino games provided all the sufficient features of the games even betting sites were introduced that no one prefers to walk into casinos. Online casinos can also be called as replacement of casino.

Online betting dealers are always available on the sites for chatting. Everyone is free to ask queries regarding the bet and make deals openly. But to some extent, online betting is different from live betting respectively.


In the financial point of view, online betting is quiet expensive as compared to walking into the casino clubs. Example; when someone walks into the casino with low money, he can bet low and make money or if he loses he might check ATM for his help. But it is not possible in the online system. Firstly you have to put your account details on the site then the game will start. And even you have to play with a fixed bet.


Few casinos of the world restricted their members. Example; membership might be compulsory somewhere. Without member’s card, no one is allowed to enter the casino. If someone is not from the same geographic area, he/ she is not allowed to make a bet. Somewhere age restrictions are announced.

In an online system, there are no such restrictions. No one cares either player’s age is 21 or less. The even geographic area does not bother at all. Few of the websites has restricted some countries to play online casino games on their site.


Beyond the challenges of online gambling, it provides a lot of bonuses as well as compared to land-based casinos. Free dinner vouchers, free shopping, free tokens, gifts, and sometimes cash is given to few winners.


Atmosphere affects a lot of the mood. When you are playing on the internet then no need to get worried about the atmosphere because you are using your personal computer. While reaching casinos, there will be no guarantee of the atmosphere. No one knows if someone will lose the bet how would be his reaction towards the winner. But maybe surrounding becomes more joy-full then playing alone. It might be a lot of fun, music, gossips, different signals, positive waves.


A few years back, it was a thought came to mind; of providing casino games in smartphones. Rather than special turn on computers. Nowadays 100% games are played on smartphones and mobiles.

Casino visits are planned the activity with or without someone, but mobile casino games could be a hobby or time pass.


While visiting the casino, only a formal card needs to be filled, and no one knows who are you. And you can go in and out without informing anyone.

But in online case, sign up is compulsory. The full record must be provided to show identity.